Retirement Homes

Florian started playing at retirement homes when he was 10 years old. The Florian Schantz Jazz Combo has played at retirement facilities in NJ, NY, PA and CT and it is one of our favorite things to do. We take great care to make these performances very memorable and enjoyable for the residents and staff.

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What retirement home directors are saying:

“I was just asking the residents about the performance and they all had glowing remarks. They were so amazed by Florian’s talent and his composure at his age. The residents would like a return performance…”

“Everyone enjoyed the show!!! Residents and staff have been talking about it all morning. It was our pleasure to invite you here and to be treated to such a high caliber of music.”

“I have heard such great things! The residents were very pleased with your performance and I would love to have you back again.“

“You were all excellent, the residents & families are still talking about it!”

“This is something very different from the entertainment we usually bring in and the residents really loved it”

“The Residents are still talking about what a wonderful time they had  — they love the band!  And, they want you back!”

“I got WONDERFUL reviews of the program…”

“Florian is a true professional”

What retirement home residents are saying:

“I’ve lived in this retirement community for 17 years and in all those years this is the best musical act I have ever seen”

“Now THIS is what I call real music!”

“Amazing! Florian wasn’t just playing the music, he WAS the music- it was like a part of him”

“When I closed my eyes, I thought Harry James was in the room”

“You could have played for hours and I would have still wanted more”

“This boy is the next Harry James”

“Will you be coming back tomorrow?”


“Florian’s music just makes me feel alive”

“I didn’t want to miss a minute of the show”

“Please come back again!”

“…and here I thought nobody played music like this anymore”