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What People Are Saying About Florian:

Here's Lookin' At You!
Here’s Lookin’ At You!

“VF is the brightest star I have had the pleasure of teaching in my eighteen years of being a music educator. He makes everyone smile when he plays. I could not be more proud of him.”- Cadillac Phil Rinaldi, internationally acclaimed trumpet player and leader of the jazz band Watson (quoted 2013)

“As a professional musician and leader of the 18 piece Somers Dream Orchestra I’ve met many talented musicians throughout my career but never such a young talent as Florian Schantz. Recently I had the opportunity to attend a concert Florian was performing and was amazed at what I was hearing!  As I sat listening, it was difficult to comprehend that Florian is only ten years old performing with such command of the instrument! I would describe Florian as a young prodigy with talent beyond his years on a path to a brilliant musical future!”- John Somers, leader of the Somers Dream Orchestra (quoted 2013)

“I have been a music teacher for 53 years (since 1960) and I have never seen a student like Florian. From the first time I was introduced to Florian, I realized that he had a very special gift. The longer we worked together, the more I saw this gift develop into a highly creative way which grew, over the years, to a tremendous talent for jazz. He has a natural ability to feel and create highly artistic music in the jazz idiom; his ability in this regard exceeds many players that are far older than him. “- Dr. Ted Schlosberg, Executive Director, NJ Workshop for the Arts (quoted 2013)

“Absolutely amazing! The dedication and talent packed into this young man is simply stunning!”- Phil Jones– a Conn-Selmer Artist (quoted 2013)

“I’ve been playing for almost 20yrs and have met many musicians in my travels. Florian just has “IT”!  IT is passion and love for music. IT is the talent for doing what he loves. IT is respecting the music that you love to play. Don’t forget the name Florian Schantz!”- Mike Mullanan Adolphe Sax Artist (quoted 2013)

 “I really enjoyed your performance which was a great blend of scored music, improvisation and storytelling. You selected an enjoyable mix of jazz music in a very entertaining manner. I received many compliments and praise about your group… (Florian) is clearly a very gifted musician, and only being age eleven, it’s clear that he has a very bright future ahead. I personally cannot wait to see what terrific things are in store for Florian and the Florian Schantz Jazz Combo! All in all, you were an integral part of our successful evening with a sold‐out show that everyone talked about for days…”- Brian Zellmer, Cultural Affairs Director, Sussex County CC.

“Ein Genie!” (audience member at a performance in Germany)